The ICTC continues to follow the Governor’s Wolf’s mandate for school closures. According to the last update, all schools in the Commonwealth will remain closed indefinitely as a response to the COVID-19 mitigation efforts. ICTC has posted it’s Continuity of Education Plan in an effort to inform students and parents about our current plan of instruction.

The ICTC will continue to monitor this situation closely. We are working with sending school Districts, the ARIN IU28, post-secondary institutions and industry certification providers to assist us in offering meaningful educational opportunities to keep our students engaged in the educational process.

Joint Operating Committee

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Board Access

2019-2020 JOC Members

Mr. Anthony Canzano Blairsville-Saltsburg School District
Ms. Vicki Smith Homer-Center School District
Ms. Ute Lowery Indiana Area School District
Mr. Gregg Sacco Marion Center School District
Mr. John Hardesty Penns Manor School District
Mr. Roy Markle Purchase Line School District
Mr. Dan Henning United School District

2019-2020 Alternate JOC Members

Mrs. Linda Brown Blairsville-Saltsburg School District
Mr. James McLoughlin Homer-Center School District
Mr. Walter Schroth Indiana Area School District
Ms. Victoria Dicken Marion Center School District
Ms. Jill Eckenrode Penns Manor School District
Mr. Scott Gearhart Purchase Line School District
Ms. Tommy Heming United School District

2019-2020 Superintendents

Mr. Jeffrey Soles Blairsville-Saltsburg School District
Mr. Curt Whitesel Homer-Center School District
Mr. Michael Vuckovich Indiana Area School District
Mr. Clint Weimer Marion Center School District
Mr. Daren Johnston Penns Manor School District
Mr. Shawn Ford Purchase Line School District
Dr. Barbara Parkins United School District

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Phone: (724) 349-6700
Email: info@ictc.edu