The ICTC continues to follow the Governor’s Wolf’s mandate for school closures. According to the last update, all schools in the Commonwealth will remain closed indefinitely as a response to the COVID-19 mitigation efforts. ICTC has posted it’s Continuity of Education Plan in an effort to inform students and parents about our current plan of instruction.

The ICTC will continue to monitor this situation closely. We are working with sending school Districts, the ARIN IU28, post-secondary institutions and industry certification providers to assist us in offering meaningful educational opportunities to keep our students engaged in the educational process.

Cosmetology Teacher

Cosmetology Teacher

After graduating from a cosmetology program, you can further you education with the Cosmetology Teacher program. Cosmetology Teachers share with others the skills they have acquired through previous schooling and experience in formal or informal instructional venues. People with a passion for helping others succeed who like working with people may enjoy a career as a Cosmetology Teacher.

Program Description

Through the Cosmetology Teacher program, you’ll learn to develop and deliver of quality instruction to student cosmetologists, and how to prepare, organize, and present lessons and courses to students of various learning styles.

The Cosmetology Teacher program at ICTC prepares you to become a licensed instructor in the state of Pennsylvania. A review of general cosmetology is also included.


Students who complete the ICTC Cosmetology Teacher Program will be qualified to sit for the Pennsylvania State Board of Cosmetology Licensure Exam to become a licensed Cosmetology Teacher.

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