The Challenge Program, Inc., Visits the ICTC

The Reschini Group’s Greg Stanford presents afternoon students with The Challenge Program awards. Pictured (from left to right) Greg Stanford, Allison Wheatcroft, Jenna Keener, and Josh Stephens

The Challenge Program, Inc., Visits the ICTC

On October 16th, Sara Deyarmin introduced an incentive program to students of the Indiana County Technology Center called The Challenge Program. This program is designed to motivate students to reinforce positive academic performances and work ethic. Ms. Deyarmin was accompanied by Greg Sanford of the Reschini Group while presenting the program to both the morning and afternoon sessions of ICTC students.

The Challenge Program’s mission is to develop a partnership with local businesses and education facilities while introducing students to careers in their communities. The program is used to motivate students and develop a positive work ethic required for success in and out of school. The Reschini Group has sponsored the ICTC Challenge Program for about a decade, recognizing students with monetary awards for their achievement in five areas: Attendance, Academic Improvement, Academic Excellence, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), and Community Service. Students that attend the ICTC are eligible to win checks simply by just being enrolled at the Indiana County Technology Center. During the presentation, students are challenged to strive for the upcoming awards. The assembly theme this year was Family Feud that demonstrated the screening process to help students qualify for success. The assembly helped students learn how to become an active member in The Challenge Program and how the students can win the awards presented. The speakers also presented awards for the 2016-17 school year to the following students (juniors and seniors): Felicity Regan from Cosmetology (STEM), Brandon Ferringer from Welding Technology (Academic Improvement), Jenna Keener from Health Occupations Technology (Community Service), Kaylee Turner from Cosmetology (Community Service), Desirae Henry from Cosmetology (Academic Excellence), Allison Wheatcroft from Cosmetology (Attendance), Angela Searchfield from Culinary Arts (STEM), Brittany Shaw from Culinary Arts (Academic Improvement), Tyler Federinko from Computer Science Technology (Academic Excellence), and Joshua Stephens from Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (Attendance).

The Challenge Program carries out its mission of building Business/Education partnerships and motivating high school students through in- school assemblies, ceremonies, and communication between businesses, educators, and students. This motivates students to strive for success in school and in their future career which leads to solid work habits. For more information about The Challenge Program, visit For more information about the Reschini Group, visit

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