The ICTC continues to follow the Governor’s Wolf’s mandate for school closures. According to the last update, all schools in the Commonwealth will remain closed indefinitely as a response to the COVID-19 mitigation efforts. ICTC has posted it’s Continuity of Education Plan in an effort to inform students and parents about our current plan of instruction.

The ICTC will continue to monitor this situation closely. We are working with sending school Districts, the ARIN IU28, post-secondary institutions and industry certification providers to assist us in offering meaningful educational opportunities to keep our students engaged in the educational process.

Computer Systems

Computer Systems

The Computer Systems Technology (CST) program at the ICTC is designed to provide students with training for relevant certifications in the Information Technology (IT) field. Employers welcome potential employees who have professional credentials or degrees. CST helps students gain the practical experience and knowledge needed to pass entry-level CompTIA certification exams such as: A+, Network+ Server+, and Security+.

CompTIA Certifications


A+ shows a person’s proficiency in computer hardware and software upgrades, installation and troubleshooting skills. The planned courses are PC Components Introduction to Networking, Laptops and Portable Devices Security, Operating Systems Safety and Environmental Issues, Printers and Scanners, Communication and Professionalism.


Network+ shows a person’s proficiency with basic networking knowledge and skills. The planned courses are Networking Fundamentals Fault Tolerance and Disaster, Internetworking Fundamentals Recover, TCP/IP Fundamentals Troubleshooting and
Network Operating Systems.


Server+ shows a person’s proficiency with basic server installation, configuration and management and troubleshooting skills. The planned courses are Server Hardware Disaster Planning and Data Recovery, Performance Monitoring Installation and Configuration of Network Operating Systems and Troubleshooting.


Security+ shows a person’s proficiency with basic computer and network issues. The planned courses are Systems Security Assessments and Audits, Network Infrastructure Cryptography and Access Control Organizational Security.

Certifications & Agreements

Advanced Standing/Articulation Agreement

  • Westmoreland County Community College
  • Pennsylvania College of Technology
  • Pennsylvania Highlands Community College
  • PA State Wide Articulation Agreement


  • Comp TIA
  • A+
  • Network+
  • Server+
  • Security+


Career Opportunities

  • Basic Network Technician
  • Advanced PC Technician
  • System/Network Analyst
  • Computer Systems Engineer
  • Security Specialist
  • Computer/Network Administrator
  • A+ PC Technician (Bench/Field, Help Desk)
  • Computer Programmer

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