Photo Caption: Machining Technology Student Ben Kirsch is one of many ICTC students who choose to attend ICTC during sending school closures

Nothing shows dedication more than doing extra work and going the extra mile. Students at the Indiana County Technology Center are definitely showing this level of commitment.

The ICTC calendar often differs from sending schools. There will be days when the sending school may not be in session but ICTC is and vice versa. Similarly, during the winter months, school may be cancelled for students at their sending school but ICTC is still in session. During this situation, students are not required to attend the ICTC that day. However, many students actually choose to attend the ICTC even though they do not have to that day. One student, Ben Kirsch, a Machining Technology student, decided to stay the entire day at ICTC when his sending school was cancelled. “I had a lot of work to do and I realized that it’s better to show up and get your work done than staying at home. You make up a ton of time just putting extra time into your work, says Kirsch. “It also helps that you only have to set up and clean up once for two days’ worth of work.”

It is not every day that you hear a high school student say they want to go to school. However, at ICTC, this is a common occurrence. Mr. McDermott, ICTC principal, is very pleased to hear about this. “It’s a testament to the students’ character that they volunteer to attend ICTC for the entire day. This shows the quality of students that we have and the dedication to the student’s program area.” For someone unfamiliar with Career and Technical Education, this may be surprising. However, at these Career and Tech Ed Centers, students learn about they are passionate about and take initiative toward their careers. This is why students at Career and Tech Ed Centers are more likely to graduate high school and land high paying jobs than non-CTE students, (U.S Department of Education).

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