Returning Students

Though the School wants every student to be successful in the nursing program, sometimes it is needed for a student to hear the information a second time or rearrange personal situations so that they can focus more closely on their studies. If readmission is desired, the student will follow the readmission policy. For readmission, the student typically will be able to utilize their previously purchased textbooks, uniforms and some medical requirements.

Readmission Policy

Readmission is when a student is allowed to reenter the previously attended program of study at the point where academic performance became unsatisfactory. Students who withdraw or are terminated for academic reasons may apply to be considered for readmission.

A student seeking readmission must submit a new application to ICTC, Practical Nursing, 441 Hamill Road, Indiana, PA 15701.

The written request should include

· an updated application;

· the student’s signature and date, and;

· a description of what changes will allow the student to perform better under readmission than was the case during original enrollment

There is a $30.00 charge to process a readmission request. The fee must be submitted with the application for it to be processed. The student seeking readmission must meet current admission standards. Readmission is not guaranteed. When making decisions for readmission, ICTC administration/admission committee will review all submitted documentation, plus the student’s academic and performance record during the previous enrollment, along with the program’s enrollment capacity. It may be required, as deemed by the admission committee, for the student to attend previous classes to ensure a strong foundation for returning.

During the period of withdrawal, the applicant for readmission must demonstrate continued academic ability and be viewed by the school as possessing an aptitude for their program along with evidence of commitment to the learning process.

The ICTC determines the placement and conditions under which the student may reenter their program. Those seeking readmission may be required to demonstrate competence in clinical/hands-on areas in order for readmission to be granted.

Readmission is most oftenly granted once, and only into the cohort immediately following the date of withdrawal/termination. If readmission is approved, the student will reenter the program at the beginning of the term in which performance was unsatisfactory. If it is determined that a deficiency in the understanding of previous course content interfered with a student’s progress, a student will either be required to audit selected courses from previous terms –or– repeat selected courses. Current tuition and fees will be charged at a proration for repeating courses.

In some cases, re-entering students may not be required to repeat all courses in the term where performance was unsatisfactory. This determination is at the sole discretion of ICTC Administration/admission committee, made in conjunction with ensuring, as much as possible, the success of the student in the program. Students will be charged tuition for only the hours they are required to repeat.

Students readmitted to the Practical Nursing program will be required to re-complete the following requirements:

· Physical Exam

· Urine Drug Screen

· 1 Step PPD

· Criminal, Child Abuse and FBI Clearances

A former student who wishes to reenroll in a cohort other than the cohort immediately following the failed term will be required to apply for admission as a regular applicant, and, if selected for admission, the transfer policy for classes into the program will apply.


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