Photo Credit: Kateri Johnston

1937 Chevrolet Business Coupe restored by Collision Repair Students.

The Collision Repair program at the Indiana County Technology Center took a joyride back to the past. The class has been repairing and refurnishing a 1937 Chevrolet Business Coupe. Any car collector or fanatic would know that this car is especially rare.

The owner is Indiana local resident Ray Bowser. He brought in the Business Coupe and allowed students to work on it. The vehicle was completely disassembled, repaired, and refurnished. The Business Coupe got a brand new interior, new electronics including a brand new surround system. A new electronic ignition was also installed. The vehicle was painted solid turquoise with a white accent stripe. The vehicle also has 15 inch chrome mags and 350 hooker headers. The students who helped refurbish this oldie were: Tyler Banks, Dylan Croft, Jared Turner, Heather Lang, and Trent Perfetta. The advisor for this project was their instructor Mike Miller. He was happy and proud of the student’s accomplishment. When talking to students they felt like this was a huge learning experience and a lot of fun. The 1937 Chevy Business Coupe looks brand new. How much better can it get?

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