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On this page you will find the latest information regarding the Indiana County Technology Center’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please call 724-349-6700 with any additional questions.


Week of 10/31/22-11/4/22
Current Number of Individuals Reporting Confirmed CoVid-19 Active Cases Current Number of Individuals Currently Quarantined (determined close contact but not confirmed positive) *Current Number of CoVid-19 Active Cases within the Building during a 14 Day rolling count (Individuals that were present in the building within a 14 day window, prior to being confirmed positive)
Students Staff Students Staff Students Staff
0 0 0 0 0 0

*Recommendations for Medium (500-900 students) Pre-K to 12 School Buildings Following Identification of a Case(s) of COVID-19

ICTC Attestation Form

ICTC – Attestation Ensuring Mitigation Efforts

ICTC COVID-19 Pandemic Resolution

ICTC – COVID 19 Pandemic Resolution

ICTC Health and Safety Plan

ICTC Approved 12-12-2021 – ARP ESSER Health and Safety Plan

ICTC High School Programs

Covid-19 Return to School Statement

Covid-19 Safe Return to Instruction, August 2020

Student E-Mail

ICTC Adult Education Programs

CARES Act Quarterly Report June, 2021

Cares Act Student Portion June, 2021

Safe Return to Instruction, June 2020

CARES Act Student Portion June 2020

CARES Act Student Portion July 2020

CARE Act Student Portion August 2020

Quarterly Budget and Expenditure Report-September 30,2020

Quarterly Budget and Expenditure Report-December 31,2020

Quarterly Budget and Expenditure Report-March 31,2021

General Resources

CDC Coronavirus Guidelines and Resources

Pennsylvania Department of Education Coronavirus Resources

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